A True Life Saver. by Diana K. Ferrier

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After much research and talking to friends we decided to give this a try. Very cute on baby, wears it everywhere and always gets compliments. But the best part is a very happy teething baby. Very little drool, so we aren't changing him several times a day and his chim and cheeks are rash free. It was well worth the gamble. We love it.

Works? I do believe so! by Kristi L

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I really do believe that this necklace worked. My son didn't drool quite as much when wearing it. Also, when his teeth started cutting through it seemed to help. I know this because I forgot to put it on him at the beginning, but once on there was definitely a difference in his behavior.

Loving this necklace. by Jennifer

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Loving this necklace. After 24 hours it made a big difference for my 6-month-old teether. I was hesitant to purchase b/c of some of the reviews; I bought an amber necklace a few years ago that worked really well for my older daughter and I didn't want to buy something this time that wasn't legit. Seeing the difference in my youngest's response to her teething pain assures me this company is what it claims to be. Thanks, Art of Cure!

My 3 month old had bad teething pains and nothing would calm her. by AMJ

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This necklace was a godsend! My 3 month old had bad teething pains and nothing would calm her, give her relief or stop her crying. The first day we put the necklace on her, the teething episodes completely stopped. I am a true believer. We only take it off for bath time, and otherwise she wears it all the time. It has literally made all the difference in the world. I've recommended it to several of my friends already, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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The Art of Cure Review by Sylvie Liv

Our Experience with Baltic Amber

I suppose many of you have heard of baltic amber. If you are like me, you are suspicious of it... Baltic amber is a natural product and has been used for hundreds of years as a natural pain relief. It is said to help things from teething to headaches.