The Art of Cure™ is dedicated to selling the highest quality Baltic Amber available on the market today. All of my amber is imported from The Baltic region and handmade to my specifications. It is of the best quality possible. I am a certified importer and guarantee its authenticity. This is why all my products come with a 100% money back guarantee. I am in the business of making moms happy and helping babies if I can. I have no doubts that in a few days you will see how great my products work but don’t just take my word for it – hear what others are saying about my products. Of course not every remedy works for everyone and in that case you can call us direct with questions 818.694.5199.

I am assured by my supplier and import law that I am selling Authentic Baltic Amber. After all to import amber you have to pay custom and duty fees and the customs department reviews all products coming into the US. I am sure you will not find a better necklace anywhere. I want to exceed all customer expectations and have happy customers always. I take my business very seriously and am providing documents to back up my brand, trademark, and quality.


Jennie Vaughn-Campbell DHom
Owner, Classical Homeopath and Manufacturer of The Art of Cure™ Authentic Amber

Jennie Vaughn-Campbell The Art of Cure

About Jennie

Classical Homeopathy

Rev. Jennie Vaughn-Campbell DHom received her professional education in classical homeopathy at the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy in Los Angeles, California. She performed her clinical internship at the Los Angeles homeopathic clinic. She is a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) and a practitioner member of the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH). Jennie is also involved with the Washington State Homeopathy Association, National Health Freedom Coalition and the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization. She seeks to promote and expand Homeopathic education and knowledge and has studied with some of the most renowned prominent homeopaths in the world. Her education is always on going.

Jennie was introduced to homeopathy when she was diagnosed with an illness and went on a personal mission to heal herself. Her love of homeopathy was born from this journey due to the success of her treatment. Her practice provides comfort and healing because it is based on understanding, nurturing and in-depth communication. Homeopathy is not just about the ailment or illness; it seeks complete understanding of health issues by personality type, habits and lifestyle. Jennie is devoted to helping each of her patients reach their health goals.

Jennie currently resides in Vancouver, WA just North of Portland, Oregon. Her holistic approach to healing is based on the belief that the body has an inherent ability to help itself. Aside from homeopathy, Jennie values many ancient traditions of health, including yoga, reiki, hypnotherapy, and chinese traditional medicine.

Although the body knows how to heal, in this fast-paced, stressful and toxic world, from time to time, the body requires a slight boost to the vital force, which is known in Chinese medicine as CHI, and in the yoga world PRANA. This energy animates all living beings. A well chosen homeopathic remedy provides an extra lift to the body's vital force stimulating the ability to alleviate itself of ailments. Jennie believes in educating her clients regarding how homeopathy works and how it can change and enhance their lives. As a mother, she uses homeopathy to keep her own family healthy.

"Not only has Jennie helped my family when we have been sick with colds or had allergies - - but she has also helped us with behavioral issue we were experiencing with our three-year-old son. If not for her thorough evaluation, I never would have known that holistic treatment could help with behavioral issues. The holistic treatment she found for us has made my son less angry and stop hitting and throwing things when he gets mad. We have so much more peace in our house now, thanks to Jennie. I know whenever we need help, we can give her a call and she will work with us and help us with all of our needs."
- Kathleen Kvitek, Los Angeles CA