Why I love teething Necklaces

When my first baby went through teething I was exhausted. I was exploring my options to help him. When I looked to allopathic medicine it was acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and I as I learned about holistic medicine there were a ton of choices as well, such as ice,or a frozen washcloth, the teething tablets, and the good old give them something to chew on. I read a great book called 

Natural Baby & Childcare by: Dr. Lauren Feder....and I discovered........


BALTIC AMBER.... The Art of Cure Amber

My husband thought it was a hippy necklace and we laughed...

But you know what it worked! A few days later my baby no longer cries, no longer had symptoms they just has faded away. He was sleeping! Oh yes, sweet sleep arrived to my home. I love what I do, spreading a little love through a few beads, that really do something amazing. If your struggling with helping your little one with teething pain, you've got to try these teething necklaces...We also have had them safety tested so they are CPSC certified. Aren't they pretty....


They have helped my son so much & we offer a 100% guarantee. Healing through ancient mother's medicine. Lets stick together and remember with the mothers before us used. 


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