Trauma and Grief – Mary’s Story

I have always thought that Homoeopathy seemed so right, yet it wasn’t until about two years ago that I actually went to see a homeopath.

At that time I could hear my heart beat thumping very loudly in my ears when lying on my side in bed, and I felt very edgy.

A friend who is a qualified nurse took my pulse and said I had a racing heart and asked me to promise her that I would go and see a doctor straight away. I had already booked in to see a Homoeopath the next day, and so that is what I did.

She got my racing heart sorted within hours.The only problem was that she lived two and a half hours away from me, so when I later had a lethargic aching body, I looked at the association website to find a homeopath closer to me. Again, my new homeopath helped me greatly and since then has been tweaking to get me in top health.

Then, something dreadful happened. One night, just after midnight  I let my 10 month old Chihuahua out to toilet. Dogs grabbed him right at my back door.  They ran down the hill with him and when the fun was over, left him in the paddock, dead.

I couldn’t believe it, was stunned, and  didn’t sleep the rest of that night.  The next day I just fell apart crying.  I emailed Carolyn explaining what happened and she asked me to go to her as she felt I needed a remedy called Ignatia.

When I got there she still checked me out to make sure it was the right stuff for me.  It was, and it has helped me greatly – I am not zonked out of my mind and it has calmed me down so that I can carry on.

I still miss that little lad, but the Ignatia has helped me so I can talk about him easily now.


Comment by Mary’s Homeopath

“Mary came to me about six months ago. She had a long history of enormous grief  from various causes.

We worked on the situation over several visits, gradually sorting out the physical/emotional symptoms that were the most bothersome, followed by working more deeply on the emotional level as Mary became stronger and started to feel better about herself.

Silicea and Pulsatilla were both remedies that helped enormously and now, finally, Ignatia has helped her cope with the devastating death of her beloved Chihuahua, whom she adored. Grief is still part of the process but no longer paralyses Mary’s daily life.

I am always filled with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the gift of Homoeopathy, and each person who I am fortunate enough to assist with this amazing medicine is another reason to continue endeavouring to become a better Homoeopath.

To me, homoeopathy really is the medicine of the future, but unfortunately, such a small overall percentage of the world’s population have any knowledge of it at all. With all the negative press that is unrelentingly levelled at Homoeopathy worldwide, it is gratifying to  to help relieve the suffering of humanity on some small level…… one person makes it all worthwhile.

I am quite sure that there would not be another dedicated Homoeopath who does not share this view. Most Homoeopaths are indeed dedicated to this wonderful healing art.”

Carolyn Graham (Treating Homeopath)

Noosa Homeopathic

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My mom has been grieving for her father for the past 47 years. She tried Ignatia which was recommended by her MD, and it worked on the get go, but soon after, the feelings of grief returned and still make her cry to this day. There is an enormous amount of guilt related to that grief as she feels that her father died unjustly and no one (including herself, although she won’t admit it) did anything to help the situation at the time, but she blames everyone but herself. Is this a matter of repeating the medicine, or looking for a different one?

Cynthia December 29, 2021

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