The Art of Cure Talks About Teething: Myths, Truths, and Homeopathy

Just when you think you've made it through the newborn period with it's fussiness and colic-like symptoms, you discover that teething waits right around the corner. By around 6 months many infants have begun to teeth and some may even have their first teeth. For others, it can take months. The lists of symptoms sometime unrecognized by M.D's are: 

  • Painful swollen gums
  • drooling
  • diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Irritability
  • increased nursing
  • fussiness
  • difficulty sleeping
Lets explore some of these Facts & Myths


  • FACT: Fever and Teething. It has always been believed for fever to be directly connected to teething. This phenomenon is best explained this way: teething involves the emergence or eruption of the teeth through the gums or soft tissue. While this happens, the gums may become tender, swollen and inflamed. As a reaction to inflammation, the body will bring about automatic defense mechanism and so cause the rise in temperature. As a parent, you shouldn’t be quick to accept fever as a result of teething because it may be something more serious. Monitor temperature hike and report prolonged fevers right away.
  • MYTH: Brandy. Are you seriously okay about allowing your child to ingest alcohol, let alone something as strong as brandy? It is believed that it can bring some relief but before you resort to this, there are more effective means to try, that are safer and more acceptable for a child. Any amount of alcohol is dangerous and considered poisonous to a child, so keep the brandy well far away.
FACT: Teething and Diaper Rash. Teething can cause excessive drooling and as more drool or saliva is taken into the body than usual, it may cause diarrhea. 


         Sometimes teething with all it's symptoms can render an infant susceptible to becoming sick. Standard treatment for teething includes topical pain medicines that temporarily numb the gums. Sometimes the topical may touch the throat interfering with the gag reflex, which is one reason why many parents prefer to avoid this medicine altogether.  
         Homeopathy can work wonders on little ones with teething discomfort. I prefer Camilia (Made by Boiron). Other natural remedies are also very effective. 
    • Cold objects and gentle pressure
    • massage on the gums with a clean finger
    • chilled washcloth
    • rubber tipped spoon, chilled teething ring, or biscuits to bite on.

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