Homeopathic use of Cell Salts for Stress

Homeopathic use of Cell Salts for Stress

Stress Management

Apart from homeopathy, the following tips can help manage stress:

-Get a homeopath for your family they can be instrumental in changing your life

– Adopting relaxing techniques like yoga, meditation

– Taking a healthy diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, and omega three fatty acids

– Doing regular exercise

– Getting enough sleep

– Avoiding taking alcohol, drugs, and tobacco

– Cutting down the amount of sugar and caffeine intake

– Deep breathing exercises (I love Wim Hoff)

– Maintaining a positive attitude towards life

– Taking time to cultivate some relaxing hobbies


        Let me introduce you to the world of the Schuessler Cell Salts for stress. Dr. Linus Pauling, before his death, winner of two Nobel prizes for chemistry; and world peace, predicted that the greatest advances in the 21st century would be in medicine, bio chemistry, and molecular biology. Dr. Pauling believed that the future of medicine would not be in the use of  medical treatments for particular illnesses, but rather that the trend would be toward the development of medicines for each individual person-medicines which, like a fingerprint, would reflect an individuals unique physical attributes, and would help assist each person in maintaining optimal health.

        Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821-1898) was born in Germany. Dr. Schuessler felt that the 2,000 or so homeopathic remedies of the time could be simplified. The result became known as the 12 Schuessler Cell Salts. Homeopathic cell salts are wonderful tools to manage the stresses of everyday life. When stress it chronic it is recommended that you seek constitutional care by a classical homeopath, but when stress is acute it’s good to have a few tools in the tool belt so to speak. Homeopathic cell salts remedies raise the vitality of the individual and stimulate the body so that the body is capable of handling this in a easier and softer way.

Here is my top list of homeopathic cell salts for stress:


  1. Kali Phos Cell Salt– Soother of Jangled Nerves (gray nerve fibers)

Kali Phos cell salts for stress works wonders on jangled nerves. Homeopaths from around the world would rely on it as a tranquilizer. This remedy is prescribed to banish irritability, worry, over excitement, overwork and depression. Even that awful extreme depression that makes even the simplest task seem insurmountable. If you are in a constant state of cares and worries leading to stress this is a guiding feature in the use of this medicine. It can help to relax the overstrained mind. People needing Kali. Phos. tend to remain sad, irritable and restless and may be over-sensitive to noise and light. The person also tends to feel weak, fatigued and exhausted from minimal exertion. Indifference to life, a weak memory, and stress headaches are treated well with Kali. Phos. Sleeplessness & insomnia from stress is also treated with this homeopathic remedy.



  1. Calcium Phosphate (calc. phos.) The nutritional cell salt remedy that will make you feel good all over

Calc. Phos., as a nutritional cell salt remedy, is one of the first cell salts to take when you generally feel run down. This remedy can promote healthy cellular activity and restoring tone to weakened organs and tissues. If you’re the type that “catches a cold” easily, this remedy will help you find speedy relief. If you feeling run down and haven’t had time to eat properly and get good nutrition this remedy can help balance you out. If you are suffering from unpleasant mental states, from being fretful or peevish, poor memory, incapacity for concentrated thought, this remedy may help. All of the phosphate cell salts are recommended for nerves and nerve ailments.


  1. Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. Phos.) Amazing Anti-Spasmodic Remedy

Magnesium Phosphate is one of the most remarkable remedies. While powerful by itself it is closely allied with Calc. Phos. & Kali. Phos. All of the phosphates are prescribed for ailments of the nerves. When the nerves are affected and cause pain, the result is doubly miserable. This Cell Salt works on the white nerve fibers. People who suffer with a magnesium phosphate deficiency tend to reflect this in their personalities. They are apt to suffer from constantly changing emotional ups and downs. It is thus not surprising that the primary function of Mag. Phos. is in correcting violet symptoms. They may often be plagued with spasms of the muscles; cramps; nervousness; cramps in the intestines; dizziness; migraines; nausea and cold sweats may also be helped.

  1. Potassium Chloride (Kali Mur.) The remedy for sluggish and run down conditions

Kali. Mur. is an important constituent of the muscles, nerves cells, and brain function. This remedy helps destroy wastes when the body is fighting off “something” and the fever has broken and now it’s time to convalesce. This remedy can help bring back the energy you had when you were younger. If you have been stressed and have a overtaxed liver this may just be the key to feeling better. Whether you have overindulged in white sugar or fatty rich foods that have made you feel sluggish, Kali. Mur. Can help you begin to develop new vitality and energy.

  1. Silica (silica) A remarkable Cell Cleanser

Silica is wonderful if your ever having painful indigestion, acidity, sour belching, exhaustion, depression, and spells of dizziness then silica may be indicated. In the mental sphere this remedy is indicated when there is a sense of “Internal Sinking.” If you feel a strong desire to restore your strength by eating better or you have a strange sense of exhaustion and nervous problems, you must take silica.  People who tend to be ill-humored: who had an aversion to work and a tendency to anger quickly; or who were excessively excitable, agitated, irritated, or discouraged- need this cell salt.


  1. Sodium Chloride (Natrum Mur.) Natures cure for Headaches

Natrum Mur: We all know stress can cause headaches and they can be debilitating in this busy world. People who need this remedy are often sensitive to light and heat, and have poor circulation. They are often chilly, and they can be aggravated by the seashore. They may experience melancholia. They have a fear of thunderstorms. It is interesting to note that “too much salt” in the diet can actually cause headaches and fatigue and that in triturated doses this is resolved.

  1. Sodium Sulphate (Natrum Sulph.)

Natrum Sulph can help with a number of psychological symptoms. Irritability, often a symptom of our fast passed modern life is the foremost indication for this remedy. This remedy will yield fast, comforting results, provided that the short temper you have is due to a sodium sulphate deficiency rather than just irritation in-laws or overdue bills. Insomnia you say? This just may be a natural sleeping potion!


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