Homeopathic Options for Pet Owners

If you’re a pet owner and want to try homeopathy to improve their health, you have two options. One involves finding a homeopathic vet. Now keep in mind, the number of folks that specialize in homeopathy in the United States is fairly small. You can begin your search here: The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. The National Center for Homeopathy also has a database of practitioners you can check (https://www.homeopathycenter.org/find-homeopath). Some vets work only in person; however, some may be willing to treat on a distance basis via phone, Skype, I prefer Zoom sessions where we can talk 1 on 1. You can review my website here: https://theartofcure.net/pages/homeopathic-consultations/ or call Jennie directly @ 8186945199

The other option involves working with your local vet to understand your pet’s health issues and then trying one of the many homeopathic combination remedies created by veterinarians for pets to treat the problem your local vet identifies. Washington Homeopathic Products carries an extensive line of those popular products which you can find here: https://www.homeopathyworks.com/categories/products/pet-remedies.html

If you love your furry companion, give homeopathy a try. You and your pet will like the difference it can make.

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