Animals & Homeopathy - Basics

Anyone who has an animal in their life knows the joy they provide. They’re a source of companionship, love, and laughter. And keeping them healthy matters!

Did you know there’s an entire branch of veterinary medicine dedicated to using homeopathy as the primary therapeutic focus? Leading organizations in this regard include the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy in the U.S. as well as the International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy. Their vets attended many of the best veterinary colleges in the U.S. and Europe and use homeopathy to successfully treat the acute and chronic health problems of their animal patients.

The advantages of using homeopathy as a drug therapy for pets and farm animals are many including:

  • A reduced reliance on antibiotics
    (crucial in this era of antibiotic-resistant superbugs)
  • No toxicity Girl with bunny
  • No drug interactions
  • Its gentleness
  • Exceptionally better for the environment
  • Homeopathy works on the general principle of supporting the body in its efforts to heal itself
  • Homeopathic remedies have a healing effect on the entire animal – not just a single part

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