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Healing Meditation Chakra Channel Necklace – Large - The Art of Cure

Healing Meditation Chakra Channel Necklace – Large

$ 46.00

UPC: 700953763846
  • The whole Amulet has a special affinity to auto-immune breakdown and helps revive tired, stressed out systems
  • The qualities of the Heart Chakra are: love, joy, peace, sister and brotherhood, and unity.
  • The qualities of the Solar Plexus chakra are: self worth, self esteem, confidence, personal power, and freedom of choice
  • The qualities of the Sacral Chakra are:  physical well being, self acceptance, ease and pleasure, and abundance.
  • The qualities of the Root Chakra are: Patience, Security, Stability, Structure, Order and the Ability to make our dreams manifest into reality.

This item works buy the persons wearing the amulet and by intention. There are seven energy centers, or chakras, in our bodies located from the base of our spine to the top of our head. This round necklace represents the entire chakra channel with all 7 colors. Slightly irregular to mirror the imperfections we all possess and embrace, the pendant is made of clear glass with each glass orbs of each chakra color aligned and fused on top in the order of their location in our bodies. Presented on a beautiful card with original artwork. fused glass, cotton cording pendant diameter approximately 2.5″ Each piece is individually and lovingly handmade. Because of this and due to variations in the glass response during the fusing process, item ordered may differ slightly from picture. This guarantees that your handcrafted piece will be unique!