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3-D Illusion LED Decorative Meditation Lamp - 7 changing colors - The Art of Cure

3-D Illusion LED Decorative Meditation Lamp - 7 changing colors

$ 24.99


Looking for a LAMP that is unlike anything you've ever seen? Not sure what to get? 

Have you been searching for a safe and reliable night light which inspires your children.

The Art of Cure wants to transform your office, bedroom or local gathering place with this ultramodern and stunning 3D light sculpture.

The 3D Illusion Light is powered by 9 long life, super bright LED lights, which never get hot and use very little energy, this is the perfect nightlight for children.

We only use the highest quality material in the construction of our 3D Illusion Lights. We test each light base and acrylic plate before leaving the factory to ensure proper operation and superb lighting.
Your 3D Illusion light includes the laser sketched 3D acrylic plate, the super-bright, energy-efficient LED light base, and a micro USB power cable.

Colors:Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, White;
Switch mode: touch switch
Product Power: 0.5W
Power spend: 0.012kw.h/24 hours;
LED life span: 10000hours
Panel Material: Acrylic
Blooming Lotus Panel size: 7.60x5.63x0.16 inch (19.3x14.3x0.5 CM)
Base dimensions: 3.43x3.43x1.69 inch(8.7x8.7x4.3 CM)
USB cable length: 150 CM
Product Weight: 400g

Package include:
1 x Blooming Lotus acrylic panel
1 x ABS base
1 x USB cable
1 x English manual

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